A Trip to the rear Side of Cerro Torre

We had left El Chaltén on a dull morning in April. And soon we learned that we weren't the only ones around...

We kept walking in the rain for hours following the Rio Tunel valley.

The trees around us were covered in colourful autumn foliage...

...and closer to our camp the colours were even more intense.

On the second day we left camp long before sunrise, climbing towards Paso del Viento in the dark.

For quite a while the full moon provided a guiding light.

By the time the sun had risen we had already ascended for more than 2 hours.

Soon we were walking in the cold shade again, approaching the Southern Patagonian Icefield.

Walking on Glaciar Viedma was a dance between small crevasses. Our goal, Circo de los Altares, was still three hours away.

We had already reached our camp when the sun descended towards the horizon...

...and bathed the Southern Patagonian Icefield in warm sunset light.

Cerro Torre's rear side, as we saw it from near our camp at Circo de los Altares, was glowing red.

On the next morning we watched the sun rise behind Cerro Torre...

...and after a sunny day on the icefield we watched it set again from our tent.

Before going to bed I set up my camera to capture Cerro Torre under the stars at moonrise.


A Trip to the rear Side of Cerro Torre