There was no time to scout for another composition. I didn’t want to miss a second of what was going on on the main stage (more on that in another post). I simply turned around, positioned my tripod, pressed the shutter button twice and turned back.

Most of my images are the result of careful selection of composition paired with the right timing. I usually take dozens of exposures from different angles, at varying shutter speeds and select my favourite in front of the computer. Considering my usual approach one could call todays image a simple snapshot. And that’s what I had in mind –  a shot for the record, a shot to show my family (Look – there’s even an iceberg in it!!).

Colourful sunset clouds.

Elusive Hues

While this image is certainly not my most innovative shot, I still feel quite attached to it. I kept coming back to it over and over again, doing little adjustments or just looking at it. It’s not only the nice pastel tones and spectacular clouds, it’s the ease with which this shot was created, that makes it so special for me. Usually I put lots of thoughts and energy into the process of shooting. My initial enthusiasm often leads to disappointment, when I don’t return with what I had envisioned. With this shot it’s the other way round. I didn’t expect anything – and the result is more than satisfactory.

P.S. I know it’s hard to spot the iceberg at this resolution, but if you look closely you might see it (to the right of the center). Here’s a slightly bigger version uploaded to

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon EF 17mm f/4L USM @ 17mm
ISO 100, f/11, 0.8 seconds
Singh-Ray GND
Gitzo GT1541T

24. March 2012