I’m finally back in front of my desktop computer after 11 weeks of travelling. Lots of new stuff to process and work on, but for now all I can offer is this older shot of mine. I found it deep down in my archive last year when I was looking for possible candidates for a competition.

It has become kind of a habit to browse through my archives from time to time. I can’t really tell if I do it more for personal pleasure and to relax or with the ambition to find something good buried down there. Most of the times though, whenever entering the archives with the plan of doing one of the two, I end up doing the other. This time it was different.

Fitz Roy reflection at sunset at Laguna de los Tres

Rise of the Dark Knight

I knew that I had a shot of the reflection of Fitz Roy at sunset at Laguna de los Tres lying around. I had shot it quite a while ago when I went to Patagonia for the first time. Back in 2011 I was quite a rookie photographer and not only were my processing skills limited, I was also lacking the imagination to think outside of my colourful-clouds-box. Still I managed to get the shot decently processed and it even made it on the cover of issue #7 of Landscape Photography Magazine (looking back now I have to say – to my surprise).

Revisting shots is a nice – and ofter necessary – thing to do. Particularly so when you are still learning photography and processing, like I was and still am. In this case the result was so far away from my first try, that it felt like an entirely different shot.

Fitz Roy at sunset at Laguna de los Tres
Parque Nacional los Glaciares

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon EF 14-40mm f/4L USM
ISO 100, f/11, 10 seconds
Gitzo Tripod

17. February 2011

Memorial María Luisa Edition 2014 XXV
“Highly Commended” in Mountain Landscapes