After returning from our first trip to Patagonia I somehow had the feeling that I had to go back. We had seen a lot, but I felt there was so much more. Even the parts that we had already visited had so much to offer, that I was more than tempted to go there once again. And so we went…

You might think “But don’t you get bored doing and seeing the same things again?”. Well, it depends. First of all we had planned to visit lots of new places, places that people usually don’t go to. This is important for me not only as a photographer (you wouldn’t want to show pictures of the same places over and over again) but also as a traveler. I enjoy exploring new territories and wandering (far) off the beaten path. Secondly, of all the places we already had been to, each one had been incredibly amazing. Which meant, that going there again would not be boring at all. At least as a traveler, that is. As a photographer I would just have to find new angles or try old ones in a new light.

Lenticular clouds and rock formation in Patagonia

El Rincón

The image above is a good example showing how not-boring the second visit to Patagonia turned out to be. It was taken in Parque Nacional Perito Moreno (not to be confused with the Perito Moreno Glacier) which I’m going to describe in depth in another blog post within the next weeks. The park is relatively unknown and hard to reach. Even with an own car it required some extra planning and logistics to get there. We were rewarded by a national park to ourselves…

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 USM @ 17mm
ISO 100, f/11, 1/20 seconds
Gitzo GT1541T

28. March 2012

Single exposures processed in LR and PS