I was asked by fellow austrian photographers at NatureHighlights.com to participate in their blog showcasing one nature image a day. I have been following the blog for a while already and have been impressed by the quality of the images on display since day one. Of course I accepted the offer and will be contributing images to the blog starting from today on a regular basis.
To celebrate my first post on the blog I thought I’d make it something special: “New Dawn” was taken on the first morning back in Parque Nacional los Glaciares on my latest trip to Patagonia. It is an exclusive upload to Nature Highlights and you will not get to see it anywhere else. So make sure to check it out there – click on the screengrab below to view “New Dawn” on NatureHighlights.com.

Nature Highlights Website

Check out the great variety of nature images by the other 14 members of NatureHighlights.com as well. If you like what you see, bookmark the blog and stay tuned for daily updates by the Nature Highlights team and yours truly.