Since I’m being treated to some decent internet connection these days I thought I’d give you a little update about my whereabouts… I’m reciding in Ushuaia at the moment with a few hours off, before i continue to Isla Navarino to do one of the southernmost treks our planet has got to offer (at the moment that is).

So far I’ve spent 2 months hiking and camping in Parque Nacional los Glaciares, with El Chaltén being my homebase. I did some more exploring than in all the previous years and tried to take the time to focus on photography. I’m making good progress getting the pictures I had in mind, but the list of places I want to shoot at still keeps getting longer.

Whenever I’ve got some downtime I’m preselecting and processing the shots. Since I’m working on my Macbook Air though – which is perfect for travel, but lacks in terms of monitor quality – I don’t want to present any color critical stuff at the moment. Hence I decided to run a few shots through some Instagram-like filters and put them up here.