Today I decided to relaunch my blog. Not that it had ever been launched before, but at least I had posted a few pictures. Pictures.. Well, I guess a blog’s purpose isn’t just displaying pictures. Actually, I wouldn’t need a blog if it were just about pictures.

Wikipedia states that a blog consists of “regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video”. It’s clear what this blog is missing: commentaries, descriptiones, in general: text. Until now this blog was empty. No text, no info. Even a search-engine robot wouldn’t have spent a lot of time here (let alone gathered any information).

Mount Cook at sunset seen from Mueller hut

Aoraki after Storm

And that’s what’s going to change. I decided that I would have to take my time to actually WRITE my blog. Otherwise it would not have any purpose at all.

This blog is about photography. About me taking pictures. And from now on you will also be able to read stories about me taking pictures (don’t worry, it’s rather going to be about the pictures and places than about me). I’m not saying that it’s going to be a lot more informative or entertaining than before, but I hope that people like me (that love nature, traveling and photography) might be tempted to spend a few seconds reading my blog. Maybe somebody might even want to leave a comment? Or ask about a specific location?

Anyways, this blog is also going to be some kind of diary. A diary of my travels and my photography-trips. But before I’m going to write about future trips, I’m going to add some text to my already existing posts. I do also have tons of pictures that I took, since my last post (which was back in 2010). Since then I have been to Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina for altogether 8 weeks. I took over 5500 photos on this trip. I also have another 3000 pictures of a trip to New Zealand lying around, of which a few are waiting to be uploaded.

The picture you can see above, was taken over a year ago on my first trip to New Zealand. My girlfriend Kathi was so kind to “document” me trying to capture Aoraki/Mt. Cook at sunset. This was the end of a cold, cloudy and windy day in Aoraki/Mt. Cook National Park. We spent the first half of the day climbing up to Mueller Hut and since it had started snowing on our way up we needed the other half to warm ourselves in the hut. Just when the numbness had left the last of our toes the clouds cleared up and we had to go back out. Unlike before the cold wasn’t bad anymore. Partly because the wind was gone, but also because the spectacular light show on the surrounding mountains and clouds kept us moving looking for good compositions.

Canon EOS 400D
Sigma Sigma AF 24-70mm f2.8 EX DG ASP Makro
ISO 100, f/7.1, 0.6 seconds

14. February 2010