I agree, it may be a bit late to have a look back at 2014, but my goal was to at least publish this post before the end of 2015 – so I’d call it a success! Anyways, if anyone is still interested in what my past year was like go ahead reading (if that scares you – don’t worry, it will mostly be about pictures.)

There’s no doubt about it, 2014 was a very quiet year for me – at least when it comes to photography. My job kept me busy throughout the year and I didn’t find the time to shoot as often as I would have wanted to. I was “only” able to dedicate 6 weeks to photography related travel (compared to roughly 12 weeks in 2013 and 2012). Of course I managed to get away with a few decent shots, but I didn’t really bother to process or publish them and so it comes as no surprise that my blog-archive of 2014 consists of only TWO entries! Don’t worry, though – I’m working on processing some of those shots at the moment and they should be finished within the coming, say, 12 months or so… Anyways, 2014 was another great year – thanks for being part of it!