Last year in March I visited the Altiplano – the andean high plateau shared by Argentina, Bolivia and Chile – and returned deeply impressed. I had an incredibly productive time up there, being treated to one crazy sunset after the other. Yes, i’m aware that this might have gone unnoticed here, because I didn’t bother to share (m)any images from that trip (yet). A few weeks ago, with me having had enough of Peru and being close enough (relatively speaking), I decided to try my luck in the Altiplano again – albeit in winter this time.

The good news is, in winter the Altiplano basically offers the same as it does in summer: salt lakes, volcanoes, hotsprings and incredible shapes and colours. There is one thing though that makes a big difference and makes visits a little more – let’s put it this way – challenging: it’s freezing cold.

While online literature and travel guides indicate pleasantly warm (or even hot) days and ice-cold nights, I have found the former to be true only on calm days (which are rare). Admittedly, if there’s no wind and the sun is out you might be running around in t-shirt, shorts and flipflops – but mind you – the minute the sun sets or there is the slightest breeze you better put on all your thermals, downjackets and gloves and get ready for some serious cold.

For those interested I will go into detail about locations plus the routine and equipment used to keep me warm in another blog entry. (After writing a few other entries that i promised in the past months – but don’t worry i’m already working on those… expect an update these days)

For those not interested in stories i have a few previews of what’s to come in a few weeks, which i think speak for themselves (although saying nothing about the cold).

As always I appreciate your comments!