Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona is a gem of a national park on the carribean coast of Colombia. Tucked between the lush hills of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the carribean sea lies a stretch of picture perfect tropical paradise. Its beauty attracts backpackers from all around the world, most of them settling down in a hammock in one of the few puristic campgrounds – the most popular of those being the one at Cabo San Juan conveniently located at the beautiful Cabo San Juan beach. For those looking for a quieter – but also more rustic – option there’s another camping at Playa Arrecifes.

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Frosted tent in Parque Nacional Natural El Cocuy.

2014… B-Sides and Snapshots


I agree, it may be a bit late to have a look back at 2014, but my goal was to at least publish this post before the end of 2015 – so I’d call it a success! Anyways, if anyone is still interested in what my past year was like go ahead…

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