Trekking Parque Nacional El Cocuy used to be Colombia‘s real high altitude highlight. Unfortunately – following a few incidents with irresponsible tourists, and in order to respect the land of the indigenous communities around the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy – the park has severely restricted access. At the moment of writing it is not possible anymore to sleep inside the park, the cabañas are closed, camping is prohibited. Whoever enters the park needs a guide, and even with a guide can only go up to the snowline. Access is restricted to daytime hours.

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Frosted tent in Parque Nacional Natural El Cocuy.

2014… B-Sides and Snapshots


I agree, it may be a bit late to have a look back at 2014, but my goal was to at least publish this post before the end of 2015 – so I’d call it a success! Anyways, if anyone is still interested in what my past year was like go ahead…

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Rise Above


When we boarded our plane to Colombia we were considerably more excited than usual (for obvious reasons) but despite it’s questionable reputation as a tourist destination, Colombia proved that it has a lot more to offer than cocain and gun-toting guerrillas…

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