Full moon rising above Piedras Rojas

Breathing Space

Interaction with other human beings had been limited for the past eight days. We were going south on isolated roads alongside the chilean/bolivian border. We  passed few trucks carrying their heavy loads, blowing huge clouds of black smoke and some of their drivers raising their hands to greet us. We bought coca leaves from an old woman selling goods on the plazas of otherwise lifeless pueblos high in the Andes. And we handed worn bills to men selling fuel from big blue barrels in the backyards of their small houses. Only few words were exchanged. The Altiplano is a quiet place.

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Volcanoes reflected in a lake at sunset.

Back from the Altiplano

Last year in March I visited the Altiplano - the andean high plateau shared by Argentina, Bolivia and Chile - and returned deeply impressed. I had an incredibly productive time up there, being treated to one crazy sunset after the other.…

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Sunset over Salar de Surire

The End of All Light

I had already learned about what locals call the 'Bolivian Winter' during my first visit to the chilean Altiplano. Back then my hopes of doing some nighttime photography in San Pedro de Atacama were crushed by clouds and rain. One day we…

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Panorama of Glaciar Grey in Parque Nacional Torres del Paine

The Colours of Grey

Yesterday I finally had the chance to watch the critically acclaimed documentary “Chasing Ice” in which environmental photographer James Balog sets up 25 timelapse cameras to record the decrease of arctic glaciers. While the topic itself…

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Burned trees in Pqrue Nacional Torres del Paine

Scorched Paradise

On 27th of December 2011 a severe case of human ignorance caused a fire in Chile's Parque Nacional Torres del Paine. Within a few days more than 15.000 hectares of native forest, brushland and steppe fell victim to the flames and the…

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Dramatic clouds over the Valle Britanico on the W-Trek

Torres del Paine: W-Trek

For many hikers the W-Trek is a first introduction to multi-day trekking in Patagonia. Parque Nacional Torres del Paine offers everything you'd expect from Patagonia - the rugged mountains, the turqoise lakes, the endless glaciers and of…

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Long exposure of a sunrise at Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine Dawn

I had already buried my hopes for a sunset shoot when we were cooking dinner (noodles in vegetable soup). The last clouds had disappeared and my legs felt too tired to climb up to the Torres del Paine again (I knew this was a sunrise…

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