Reserva Nacional Las Vicuñas is a huge nature reserve in the far north of Chile. It is a southerly neighbour of Parque Nacional Lauca and extends alongside the bolivian border across the northern chilean Altiplano. Reserva Nacional Las Vicuñas to a visitor might feel like a barren and empty place but has been inhabitated for thousands of years. Wildlife and plantlife are surprisingly abundant – you’ll have to look a bit closer though.

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Volcanoes reflected in a lake at sunset.

Back from the Altiplano


Last year in March I visited the Altiplano - the andean high plateau shared by Argentina, Bolivia and Chile - and returned deeply impressed. I had an incredibly productive time up there, being treated to one crazy sunset after the other.…

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Sunset over Salar de Surire

The End of All Light


I had already learned about what locals call the 'Bolivian Winter' during my first visit to the chilean Altiplano. Back then my hopes of doing some nighttime photography in San Pedro de Atacama were crushed by clouds and rain. One day we…

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