Etosha National Park lies in the northernwestern parts of Namibia. The park, surrounding the Etosha Pan – a huge salt flat – is home to an abundance of mammals and birds. Etosha National Park is well known for its great safari opportunities.

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A group of lions resting in Etosha National Park

Calm Before the Storm


After all these posts with a landscape tag I think it's about time for a little change. It's not all about mountains, streams and coastlines - so here we go: here's a wildlife image from just little over a year ago.

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Male lion in morning light.

Morning Stroll


We were excited when we jumped into the car at Halali Rest Camp a few minutes before sunrise. It was our second morning in Etosha National Park and we had big hopes. “If you want to see the predators, you have to be out there around…

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Young lions in soft morning light

Back from Africa


We have just returned from a six week trip to Namibia and South Africa. It feels good being home after driving 11.500km and hardly ever spending two nights at the same place. But still we are almost ready to leave again – this time to…

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