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Fitz Roy at sunset in winter

Gentle Call

Leaving bed early to go on a pre-dawn walk with unknown outcome often turns into a mental challenge for me. The uncertainty that comes with landscape photography made me change my mind many times before. I have skipped alarms, turned…

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Hold Your Breath

In late September I spent two weeks exploring northern Norway. Since I had skipped Lofoten (for reasons I'm happy to explain to anyone interested over a beer or two) I HAD to stop by at the equally iconic (but tolerably so) island of Senja.

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Panorama of the Tre Cime seen from Rifugio Locatelli

Tre Cime: Rifugio Locatelli

If there is something like the epitome of an alpine view from a mountain hut, it might as well be the incredible view of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo seen from Rifugio Locatelli in the Dolomites. For generations this view has inspired climbers, hikers and photographers to go out themselves and experience the beauty of the italian Alps firsthand and up close -…

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Rise Above

When we boarded our plane to Colombia we were considerably more excited than usual (for obvious reasons) but despite it’s questionable reputation as a tourist destination, Colombia proved that it has a lot more to offer than cocain and gun-toting guerrillas…

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Cerro Torre with autumn colours at sunrise

Seasons Change

When autumn arrives in Patagonia sometime between late March and early April, a transition is started. Every day the sun stands lower above the horizon and the first frost arrives during the nights. Within a few weeks, and starting from…

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