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A group of lions resting in Etosha National Park

Calm Before the Storm

After all these posts with a landscape tag I think it's about time for a little change. It's not all about mountains, streams and coastlines - so here we go: here's a wildlife image from just little over a year ago.

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Into the White

If you visit Antarctica chances are high that at some point you end up at Port Lockroy, a british base on Goudier Island. For most visitors arriving aboard their comfortable cruise ships the highlight is sending greeting cards from the southernmost post office, or adding an Antarctica stamp to their passport - mine was breathing fresh air and photographing a (probably) nameless peak.

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Cerro Hermoso at sunset.

Beauty Ahead

The last news about Patagonia that made it into austrian newspapers was when a tourist accidentially set Torres del Paine National Park on fire in December 2011. A few days ago, on May 16th I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read a headline…

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Cerro Torre in soft morning light

Seasons Change

When autumn arrives in Patagonia sometime between late March and early April, a transition is started. Every day the sun stands lower above the horizon and the first frost arrives during the nights. Within a few weeks, and starting from…

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Aoraki/Mount Cook at sunrise

Apricot Sunrise

It’s been a while since I posted here on my blog (and other websites too). I’ve been quite busy lately and I cannot wait to get out again to do some shooting. As of now it looks like new images will not follow until April, but in the…

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