Timeless Blue

A few days ago I stumbled upon this shot that I had initially started processing but then forgot about. I remember liking the shot a lot, but due to extensive noise I didn't really bother. The noise came from a hot sensor (high temperatures, extended use of live view mode and long exposure) and looked much like what I had to deal with in "A Desert's Sky".

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Colourful sunrise over geometric tidepool formations on the coast of South Africa

Perpendicular Dream

Today, after my last post's visit to Iceland's icy and well-known shores (check out: "Beached Jewel") I'm going to take you to one of South Africa's secluded gems. Hidden away and well protected by a long and bumpy dirt road lies a unique…

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I don't do black & white conversions very often. It's not that I don't like working in monochrome. I rather think that creating a truly shining b&w image is way harder than working in colour. All possible flaws become far more prominent when you reduce a photograph to it's minimum: contrast and texture.

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