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Colourful sunset clouds.

Elusive Hues

There was no time to scout for another composition. I didn't want to miss a second of what was going on on the main stage (more on that in another post). I simply turned around, positioned my tripod, pressed the shutter button twice and…

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Dramatic clouds over the Valle Britanico on the W-Trek

Torres del Paine: W-Trek

For many hikers the W-Trek is a first introduction to multi-day trekking in Patagonia. Parque Nacional Torres del Paine offers everything you'd expect from Patagonia - the rugged mountains, the turqoise lakes, the endless glaciers and of course the unpredictable weather. Get dressed and ready for a first class adventure between granite spires, icebergs and…

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Into the White

If you visit Antarctica chances are high that at some point you end up at Port Lockroy, a british base on Goudier Island. For most visitors arriving aboard their comfortable cruise ships the highlight is sending greeting cards from the southernmost post office, or adding an Antarctica stamp to their passport - mine was breathing fresh air and photographing a (probably) nameless peak.

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Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy at night

Silent Watchers

Patagonia is mostly known for its famous mountains, but you’ll also find a fair share of stories being told about the notorious weather. And indeed it’s not uncommon to experience four season within one day. Rain, sun and clouds often…

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Below the Surface

Today I'm bringing you one more shot from last year's trip to northern Norway. I still have a few lying around waiting to be uploaded...

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